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1 hour ago

Well, my hair is gone. I shaved it during the documentary my brother and I made for our dad. My dad is my role model. He taught me everything I know and every good quality that I have came from him. Growing up I always thought my dad was the most bad ass person on the planet. Now after have watching him fight the fight he fought against this terrible disease and do it with the dignity he did it with, I know he is the most bad ass person I’ll ever know. I had never seen my dad insecure in his life EVER, besides the day he lost his hair from the various cancer treatments he was going thru to treat the cancer in his brain. He was upset because he thought his bald head made him look sick. He didn’t want it to look like he was fading. He wanted to be strong for everyone around him. He wanted us all to know that giving up wasn’t an option. He thought losing his hair would convince people he was giving up. I wanted to shave my head for him so bad so he wouldn’t be alone in this. He didn’t want me to, but I still should have. Thinking back, maybe I just wasn’t brave/confident enough to do it. Today, I’m happy to say I fuckin did it! I know it’s just hair and I wanted this to help show anyone who may be losing their hair or thinking about shaving their head to support someone who may have lost their hair, that it’s true, it is just hair. To me it symbolizes strength. I feel really proud. My dad wasn’t only just a bad ass, he was the most caring, kind, generous, thoughtful and just fuckin sweet man myself and pretty much everyone who knew him will ever know. He just wanted to help people, always. Gray and I wanted to be able to carry out his legacy and allow him to still be able to help, even though he’s been stripped being able to physically help here on earth. We started a cancer foundation so my dad will still be able to do what he loved most and help others, forever. My dad didn’t want ANYONE going through what he went through. To help those affected by this horrible disease, with my dad, visit LoveFromSean.org to donate. No donation is too small

2 weeks ago

This one meant to much too get tatted on the legs...

4 weeks ago

Just posting this to show u guys how good of a brother I am that’s all. Not only did I hand feed Grayson during his long tattoo appointment where he sat in the same spot for hours but I also went and picked up the food that you see me hand feeding him here in these photos (vegan ). I also entertained him by doing performances specifically in the form of dancing while he sat in this chair u see him sitting in

5 weeks ago

my hair is so long..........I feel like a dog

last month

some days I really enjoy chillin in my robe not doing nothing and lookin as shitty as possible

last month

This is my new Tesla and I’m absolutely in love with it. Really grateful to be able to call this thing mine. I named it smooth cat

last month

2010 vs 2020 not much changed besides I got serious Edit: wow I didn’t even realize how much I grew into my ears

last month

Merry Christmas from the Dolans

last month

wow. Just returned from the best trip I’ve ever been on. Australia holds a very special place in my heart. It’s crazy how far away it is yet I feel so at home there. I did a lot of reflecting on my year while I was away. Crazy how much I thought I knew at the beginning of 2019.. and crazy how much I actually know now. Not going to lie this has been the toughest year of my life. For many reason I’ve spoken about here online and for many reasons I prefer to keep personal. I’m proud of how much I’ve grown this year and I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge even more in the next. Life can get pretty shitty but no matter what, you’re always progressing, whether you choose to acknowledge that fact or not. I’m so happy I wrapped up this year in my favorite place on this planet. STRAYA MATE. Also, I’m not a teenager anymore. I think we picked the perfect place to celebrate our bday this year

Dec 2019

Went to this rope swing here in aus. Reminds me a lot of the rope swing by my house where I grew up. Only difference is at this one you have to get out of the water really fast cuz there are bull sharks

Dec 2019

No shave November before & after shaving 🙌🏻

Nov 2019

My feet go hard as fuck 🤬💯👹

Nov 2019

very cozy

Nov 2019

No shave November. Got a little head start

Oct 2019

Went on a beautiful run back home in my country town in New Jersey this morning. Had I not gone on this run, a salamanders life would not have been saved

Oct 2019

I was gonna make this a deep caption about how traveling frees your mind but I decided that was unnecessary and wanted to just keep it waist level. Now it’s just a terrible caption

Oct 2019

I put my phone down for a week and went off the grid. I learned a lot about what truly makes me feel alive, really happy I went thru with it

Oct 2019

I walked around Paris all day trying not to crease my new shoes it was a challenge my toes are cramped up

Sep 2019

Love when our big bro comes to visit. Had the best time with you Jeff

Sep 2019

film from a fun night, I liked my outfit ASLO WHY AM I DUMB THICC

Sep 2019

no stress

Aug 2019

This is what I look like right now trying to think of a caption for this photo

Aug 2019

Hoodie szn 🥳

Aug 2019

With this cut off and hat on I look exactly like the type of douchebag who would drive this car ☺️