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Moon and Venus 30.3.2020

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🇮🇹 A tutti è dovuto il Mattino, / ad alcuni la Notte. / A solo pochi eletti / la luce dell'Aurora. 🇬🇧 Morning is due to all / To some the Night / To an imperial few / The Auroral light].

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One year ago there was some color in the sky! Even captured a fireball in the first photo. Have your seen a meteorite or shooting star light up the night sky ? . . . #auora #auroraborealis #auroraboreal #auroraborealblog #auroraborealisnotifications #alaska #thealaskalife #nightsky #nightscape #nightscapephotography #sonya7iii #sonyalpha #sony1635mm #upallnight #mountains #alaskamagazine #alaskaairlines #xplorealaska #meteorite #nightout #nightphotography


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Questi sono giorni difficili, giorni immersi nella routine, quindi voglio augurarvi un buon inizio settimana con una fotografia che spero possa farvi viaggiare con la mente e con il cuore. L’aurora è qualcosa di indescrivibile, non si può descrivere a parole, e anche fotograficamente vi assicuro che non rende un decimo della sua bellezza. Quando sono triste guardavo spesso le fotografie dell’Islanda, dove vidi la mia prima aurora 7 anni fa, non facevo ancora fotografia. Ora il mio bagaglio fotografico sta crescendo, ed io con lui. Spero vi possa piacere questa fotografia, quella notte c’era una tempesta di ghiaccio, eravamo al freddo, coi piedi in acqua, ma vi assicuro che ci ritornerei ora.
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As the end of this northern lights season approaches I thought it would be fun to share some of the overhead aurora displays I captured this season. I love the different shapes that in some of the photos resemble animals, objects or even vegetables🥬 I’m curious to hear what you see... * 1. Iceland, March ‘20. In this photo I see a hummingbird or maybe a kingfisher (but then green and purple instead of blue and orange😉 ). Hope you see it as well! 2. Iceland, March ‘20. This was an insane night. This photo is shot with a 14mm lens, which is a very wide angle, but for this evening definitely not wide enough!💥 3. Iceland, March ‘20. Most colourful overhead display I’ve seen so far. Not sure yet what it resembles🤷‍♀️ 4. Tromsø, February ‘20. Weird cauliflower(? )-shaped overhead display (when you cut it in half ) or a brain?🧠 5. Sommarøy, November ‘19. ‘Typical’ Northern lights corona 6. Whitehorse, September ‘29. A photo of lady aurora together with STEVE, joined by the milky way🌌 If you’d like to read more about STEVE, please see my posts from January. * #stayhome #travelfromhome #northernlights #aurora #auroraborealis #iceland #visiticeland #inspiredbyiceland #tromso #visittromso #visitnorthernnorway #sommarøy #whitehorse #arctic #arcticsky #nightphotography #longexposure #stargazing #ig_auroraborealis #auroraborealisnotifications

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Iceland | Mývatn | Northern Lights Room

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Iceland | Mývatn | winter od coming

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Last one from the other night (for now )✨

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💚 thank you @gw_auroraborealis for choosing me in your beautiful photo gallery. Honored to be part of it 💚 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @gw_auroraborealis ⬅️ #gw_auroraborealis ⬅️ . . . . . . . . . . . . #loves_united_sweden #auroraborealisnotifications #ig_auroraborealis #ig_astrophotography #ig_serenity #got_greatshots #loves_sweden_ #what_i_saw_in_sweden #viceskep

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Corona Part II There’s really no good way to describe it. It’s something to be seen and felt. Imagine a symphony’s chaotic end, conducted by a dude with Einstein-style hair, the musicians fingers moving so fast on their instruments that they seemingly blur... fast, loud, faster, louder, all the while composing something you feel in your guts. Evoking a whirlwind of emotions. Your ears deliver the sounds to your emotions and you’re awestruck. Sweat flying from Einstein-hair conductor. Your fellow attendees looking on wide-eyed with mouths agape. The music keeps growing and building. Somehow it all flows together even the pace seems like it should produce an utter mess. You don’t want it to stop for its beauty is like nothing you’ve ever witnessed. If you could put a visual to such music that ends with a frantic climax, this geomagnetic storm would match perfectly. Felt just as much as seen. It was perfect. . . . . . . . #Alaska #auroraborealis #auroraborealblog #worldaurora #ig_auroraborealis #AuroraBorealisNotifications #ig_auroraborealis #worldaurora #northernlightsphotos #LightUpYourSoul #Supreme_Nightshots #Nights_DreamWorld #nightphotography #night_excl #toplongexposure #night_shooterz #night_shots #longexposure_photos #amazing_longexpo #longexpo_addiction #LongExpoElite #long_exposure #nightimages #ic_longexpo #long_exposure_pics #ig_shotz_le #ig_world_colors #ig_colors #thevisualgrams #naturel_shot


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Feb 2020

**QUEREM FICAR POR DENTRO DE TUDO ? ENTÃO SIGAM A MINHA PÁGINA QUE ESTOU FAZENDO O RESUMO DE TODA A VIAGEM NOS STORIES** - Como sou abençoado por Deus. Consegui ver esse espetáculo da Natureza no meu primeiro dia que cheguei na Lapônia/Rovaniemi. Sem palavras para descrever tudo que eu senti quando avistei a Aurora Borel. Chorei de tanta emoção. Era do jeitinho que eu sempre imaginei. . Obrigado DEUS por tudo que vem acontecendo na minha vida. FELICIDADE ESTÁ EXPLODINDO DENTRO DE MIM. Vou guardar esse espetáculo para sempre na minha memória e no coração. Ps: A foto não demostra 1% do que eu vi ao vivo. #rovaniemi #visitrovaniemi #laponie #lapland #laplandfinland #finland #ourfinland #discoveryfinland #thisisfinland #finlandia #finlândia #finlandia 🇫🇮 #onlyfinland #princeoflapland #northernlights #aurora #auroraboreal #auroraborealis #auroraboreale #auroras #aurorasboreales #auroraborealblog #earth #polonorte #northpole #brasileironafinlandia #anitta #auroraborealisnotifications #auroraborealfinlandia #auroraboreallapland @visitrovaniemi @visitalaponia @anitta @destinolaponia - ESSE É APENAS O QUARTO DESTINO DA VIAGEM - 4/13

last month

Last Night was Epic ✨ under an extreme cold warning, the sky was unbelievably clear, then the haze started. I could see the Northern Lights developing but did not expect the entire sky to erupt in colour, dancing every direction and right overhead. The show made me instantly forget about the extreme temperatures🥶 After shooting for a few hours, my gear was frozen solid but still working exactly as needed. In all, the night was epic! #nightsky #northernlights #aurora #lookup

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Woah, 10k followers! Thanks so much everyone for following along on my adventures. In light of this milestone I’m going to talk about all the cool things that have come to me because of Instagram ☺️ About 6 years ago I was working full time as an industrial medic all around the province of Alberta. During those travels I was seeing such cool stuff on the road and wanted to capture the landscapes that I was lucky enough to experience day to day. I would snap photos with my phone but soon realized it wasn’t cutting it. I was inspired by all the other amazing people on IG so I bought a camera, a professional one. With it I was able to really do justice to the places I would explore. I was hooked! Through Insta I was able to meet so many lovely people. Some in person, which was life changing, and some I chat with almost every day online. Truly I feel like I’ve built a bit of an online family with this little app. Who would have thought? Eventually I quit my job and became a full time photographer near Edmonton. I was so grateful to be my own boss and to be able to do what I love for a living. Life was good! Then last year Jeff was offered a job out in Jasper and we decided to move here. I figured that when spring came I would be able to open my business again and we would have our favourite natural playground in our backyard! We were pretty excited. Although this pandemic might slow down my opening date, I still intend to establish my little business out here eventually. 😊 If it hadn’t been for IG I’m not sure I’d be where I am today, as silly as it sounds. So thanks for coming on this crazy journey with me. I’m looking forward to building more relationships with you guys in the future and if you’re ever in the Jasper area let me know! #seemyadventures

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Nature nailed her lightsaber game well before Star Wars.

Feb 2020

Skipped magic mushrooms and went straight for auroras. Last night’s short but impressive show over the forests of Pyhä-Luosto National park. Even the almost full Moon couldn’t intervene.