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Hey Siri, define ‘Multitasking’.

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Everyone got on with the craze of Dalgona Coffee. Me and the wifey had to make our version of Black Sambo for the weekend. ❤️👌🏻

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The calm before the storm... . #high_vis #chasing_rooftops

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Doing our best to social distance this weekend

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Where trouble melts like lemon drops. 🌈 #finditliveit #agameoftones #shotoniphone

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#soupchallenge kinda lol I kinda mixed them up 🥴🥴 • Eyes: @plouise_makeup_academy Secret Sinner Palette, Blank Canvas, Basic Brights In Pink @thecrayoncase Matte Book @amazon Glitter FACE; @narsissist “Macro” Foundation @tartecosmetics Shapetspe concealer in “Deep” @elfcosmetics 24hr camo concealer “Deep Chesnut” @accosmetics_ “No shine” & “deep” setting powder @thecrayoncase “Y” setting powder @morphebrushes Matte Setting Spray @thecrayoncase “Glow Caine” highlighter LIPS: @nyxcosmetics lip liner in Expresso • • #makeup #cutcrease #morphebabe #morphebrushes #thecreatorclass #thecrayoncase @thecrayoncase #brownskingirls #brownmelaninmua @brownmelaninmakeup #makeupartist #makeupnaturalista @makeupnaturalista #melaninpoppin #pink #makeupjunkie #makeupjunkies #undertheradar_makeup #nofilter

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Gone are the days of “getting ready” (for now )

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Backpacked into a remote cabin on the coast just north of Juneau. As soon as we started drinking beer by headlamp the skies started dancing. A great cap to my first trip in SE Alaska.

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Thought I was done with my Paris photos? Lol. ———————————————————————————— These remain to be my favorite photos ever taken of me in Paris. Kinda never thought I’d end up really loving French grammar to the point where I wanted to major in it (now minor ). I think the thought behind this was, “I’ll never be 18, experiencing these emotions with this group of people, ever again.” And I was right. I’m glad this is my documentation of that phrase because I know exactly who and what I’m talking about and that’s why this photo is special. Circa 2017 baby, pre-bangs 🌟 . . . . . #hcollective #hfeature #visualvogue #visualsoflife #createcommune #artofvisuals #exploretocreate #thecreatorclass #agameoftones #igtones #moodyports #creativesontherise #localwolves #photooftheday #ftwotw #buildandbloom #moodygrams #concertphotography #sigma35mm #canont3i #lightroom #paris #night #eiffeltower #summer

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Inframe #streetclassics #streetvision

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/Hogwarts is under attack/ . . . OP : @skinnymonkey . . Ayo anak buah Voldemort daripada nyerang Hogwarts mending ikutan challenge ini @kiky .sbe @iqbalbeillardi @b_bubuh @hadihdytllh . #ReimagineThePhoto

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/why is a building called a building when it's already built?/ . . . OP : @skinnymonkey . . Last day gasskuy @argielanz @putrarengga_asmara @ahmadsutis17 . #ReimagineThePhoto

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/Dulu Stephen Chow pernah ngontrak dan diserang Geng Kapak di sini/ . . . OP : @skinnymonkey . . Mention Geng Kapak yang nyerang ibu kontrakan buat ikutan challenge @bijikopi08 @maul .96 @widi_idiw23 @naufalaldrian10 . . #ReimagineThePhoto


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Do you see the pink squirrel? 🔍

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📷: @lorenz .weisse Switzerland adventures.

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Berkuda @nihisumba

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A single ray of light cam show the beauty hidden in the dark. - Shot the one and only cherry tree in this fishing village(Ine, Kyoto ) *not composited, just one pic <70mm, f3.5, ss25, iso100> . . #hellofrom Kyoto, Japan🇯🇵

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Loving these sunrise moments 🔥

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me l'hai insegnato tu che la felicita' non e' una colpa e che puoi tornare a ridere ancora🌻 @brunorisas

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keep distance | this is actually the first #berlin photo that i upload here since more than two months. weird, scary and memorable what happened in the meantime. travelled to south-east asia in january, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in china happened in a relatively close distance. we could feel the fear of an uncontrolled spread of the disease and public measures were high. we’ve been wearing masks all day for the first time in our lifes, behaved super cautious everywhere and experienced a life quite different from normality (by that time hongkong and singapore had only 20-30 confirmed cases! ) - still we flew home earlier than planned. a few weeks later the virus made its way worldwide to the places that are - highly populated and frequented by international travelers - hosting mass public events - not experienced with pandemic measures so now europe fights against an exponential spread of covid19 with tragedies happening at hotspots like northern italy or madrid. many countries are under full or partial lockdown. here in germany actions have been taken step-by-step since beginning of march. gladly the testings for covid19 started early and comprehensive, so that scientists and politicians have a good overview about the actual infection rates. the current status for berlin is that we have around 3.500 confirmed cases of the disease but no real lockdown. people are allowed to go out accompanied by only one other person for grocery shopping and medical purposes, to go to their workplace, to walk their dogs and to excercise in recreational activities - all with a good distance of min 1,5m to other people. public life has still been shut down completely as shops and venues are closed, restaurants can only open for pickup or delivery. so far the acceptance of people towards these actions is relatively high, knowing it will hold on for at least april to flatten the curve of infections. in my next posts i’ll talk about other aspects of this crisis, just wanted to give a brief overview. you can check out my story highlight ‘corontine’ for some more statements. feel free to share your own experience in the comments too and have a good weekend! #keepdistance